JAGGLA / with my own eyes mixed by DJ KEM [MIX CD}

JAGGLA / with my own eyes mixed by DJ KEM [MIX CD}

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1.Intro Scratched by DJ KEM 2.On Fire [produced by BYGdaddy] 3.Blood ’N’ Fire [produced by BYGdaddy] 4.Get Busy [produced by NAOtheLAIZA] 5.Chose This feat.Clutch Swankk [produced by CLAPTEE] 6.Problem Boys feat.T2K [produced by FLAMMABLE] 7.Skit 8.I’m Jugglar [produced by RAGSIX] 9.No Plan feat.19Fresh [produced by NEW KID'N PLAY] 10.Paper Chaser feat.GAZZILA [produced by AKIO BEATS] 11.Street View feat.CIMA [produced by DJ 5-ISLAND] 12.Kansaiiii Remix feat.GAZZILA.遊戯.HIDADDY [produced by 下拓] 13.Bottles Up feat.GAZZILA [produced by NEW KID'N PLAY] 14.Liquor & Reefer (DUB) feat. 遊戯.Cz TIGER [from DJ SOULJAH "BE MY GUEST"] 15.ハクナマタタ feat.JAM CHAINGANG [produced by Dodge Noledge] 16.Smoke Flow 17.skit 18.街角 feat. Lisky.S [produced by NOBB TAKAMI] 19.Out Cast [produced by NAOtheLAIZA] 20.Without You feat.孫GONG [produced by Dodge Noledge] 21.No Love [produced by JAZADOCUMENT] 22.TUFF [produced by DBB] 23.花火 feat.孫GONG.紅桜 [produced by TEAM2MVCH] 24.skit 25.By My Self [produced by SAGEGREEN] 26.HOPE [produced by RAGSIX] 27.Sky’s The Limit [produced by DIGITAL NINJA] 28.Game Change feat.19Fresh [produced by 下拓] 29.with my own eyes feat.Cz TIGER [produced by RYU-JA] 30.雲 feat.19Fresh [produced by DIGITAL NINJA]