KID FRESINO / Horseman's Scheme [CD]

KID FRESINO / Horseman's Scheme [CD]

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I'm listening to kid fresinos album. It's got depth, and even the more colorful tracks aren't overdone. The skits break up the pace good and the featured appearances compliment the solo tracks. The strengths and weaknesses of being a human being can be felt through the sound. Much respect to the way he approaches music. Music is wonderful. Reviewed by. Yodel from Swanky Swipe KID FRESINOのアルバムを聞いている。空間があって音色の多い曲もうるさくないし良い。 skitも良い感じに入ってるしfeatもバランス良い。強さと弱さが垣間見えたり人間性も見える。 音楽に一生懸命な姿勢にrespect。音楽って素晴らしい。 Reviewed by. Yodel from Swanky Swipe [Track List] 01. Scheme In' (prod. jjj) 02. Champion (prod. jjj) 03. U Not Me / feat. Febb (prod. Febb) 04. Conq City (prod. jjj) 05. Announcing The Resurge / feat. ISSUGI (prod. jjj) 06. New Clear Weapon (prod. Budamunk) 07. skit (prod. Kid Fresino) 08. The Coolest / feat. jjj (prod. jjj) 09. Horseman's Scheme (prod. jjj) 10. Just Another (prod. 16FLIP) 11. C.O.M / feat. 仙人掌 (prod. jjj) 12. Cloud 9 (prod. Kid Fresino) 13. thx (prod. jjj) 14. Story (prod. jjj)