V.A / 天秤録音 [CD]

V.A / 天秤録音 [CD]


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DISC 1 01.INTRO / HOKUBU ■Produced by HOKUBU 02.SLOW LIFE / メシアTHEフライ ■Produced by RIO 03.ネオ東京 / HIDA ■Produced by RIO 04.衝動無限 / GOCCI ■Produced by O-KI 05.WORD OF PAIN / KEMUI ■Produced by KEN 06.WAKE UP」/ AXIS ■Produced by HOSHIBA 07.Tussy,Tussy / SATUSSY ■Produced by ChangPong 08.POLITIE / 山仁 ■Produced by ChangPong 09.男はソレを我慢できない / MEGA-G ■Produced by T.TANAKA 10.Planet Libra / 太華 ■BEATBOX by 太華 11.プライスレス / 少佐 ■Produced by VAL 12.なくなるメモリ / 麻暴 ■Produced by BAKU 13.YES(NO) / RUMI ■Produced by GEEK 14.SOUL OF YAMATO / LARGE IRON ■Produced by EVIS BEATS 15.酔いどれ堕天使 / TAB001 ■Produced by EVIS BEATS 16.FREESTYLE / 匿名希望 ■Produced by I-DeA(Limited 5.000/DIRTY VERSION) 17.カモフラ / ARK ■Produced by I-DeA 18.GET UP & RAP / ERONE ■Produced by T.TANAKA 19.MY FAMILY NICE MIDDLE / PRIMAL ■Produced by MAKI THE MAGIC DISC 2 20.The effect of 80's hiphop / DJ SHUN ■Produced by SHUN 21.DIGITAL PARK / カルデラビスタ ■Produced by VAL 22.畜生 / O2 ■Produced by EVIS BEATS 23.PUFF PUFF PASS / 遊戯 ■Produced by I-DeA 24.ON FIRE / 秋田犬どぶろく ■Produced by KASHI DA HANDSOME 25.OWN線 / VAL ■Produced by I-DeA 26.YELLOW SUBMARINE / 志人 ■Produced by T.TANAKA 27.道草 / AMIDA ■Produced by EVIS BEATS 28.It's been a long time / 勝 ■Produced by The Vagrancy ILLICIT TSUBOI 29.大阪の男 -A Letter From Kinky Japanese / SHINGO☆西成 ■Produced by The Vagrancy ILLICIT TSUBOI 30.Don't Panic 2006 / CQ ■Produced by CQ 31.ボロは着てても・・・ / ROPE OR DOPE ■Produced by MAKI THE MAGIC 32.何食わぬ顔してるならず者 / 漢 ■Produced by GEEK 33.FU-RIN / DJ TAKUMI ■Produced by TAKUMI ライブラレコードから衝撃の2枚組コンピレーション発売決定! MSC、漢、SHINGO☆西成、JUSWANNAなどライブラレコード所属アーティストは勿論、 韻踏合組合、Lunch Time Speax、降神、山仁、RUMI、MIC JACK PRODUCTION、など豪華メンバーが参加!