CASUAL & J.RAWLS / Respect Game or Expect Flames [CD]

CASUAL & J.RAWLS / Respect Game or Expect Flames [CD]



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Hieroglyphicsの天才:Casualと、鬼才プロデューサー:J. Rawlsによるデュオ(!!)フルアルバム !! Hieroglyphics MC Casual and Ohio producer J Rawls debut the first single off their new album "Respect Game Or Expect Flames," coming soon 1. Reign (feat. Pep Love & Allana Reign) 2. Respect Game or Expect Flames (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) 3. La Danse Du Fessie 4. Craziest Story 5. The Authority (feat. The Mystery School) 6. Surely, I’m Right 7. Fly (feat. Allana Reign) 8. Nota Problem Part II 9. Hier-O-Dot (feat. Copywrite, Phesto, Tage, Tajai, Opio, and Jakki Da Motamouth) 10. Aint Tryna Hear 11. Find a New Remix (feat. Rene Dion) 12. Emergency (feat. Kurious) 13. Give Respect 14. Upper Echelon 15. We Servin’ Y’all (feat. The Liquid Crystal Project)