DJ VADIM & SENA / Grow Slow

DJ VADIM & SENA / Grow Slow


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2018 4.14 ガーナ出身の歌姫SENAをフィーチャーしたエレクトリック・ソウル/レゲエ・アルバム! DJ Vadim is back with Sena and present their new album Grow Slow. There was once a young African princess who embarked on a huge journey in pursuit of her dreams. She arrived at a mystical island covered in clouds where she met a cunning wizard… Disc CDyross 1. There's A Moment 2. Day By Day 3. Work Hard 4. Living In The New 5. Stems N Seeds 6. Grow Slow 7. Boneshaker 8. Run Along 9. Morning Light 10. Give More Pt 2 feat. Syross the Virus