DJ KOCO aka SHIMOKITA / Vinyl Make Me Funky "70 Minutes Of Dopeness" [CD]

DJ KOCO aka SHIMOKITA / Vinyl Make Me Funky "70 Minutes Of Dopeness" [CD]


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ストリートで絶大な人気を誇るターンテーブル・アーティストにしてヴァイナル・アスリート、DJ Koco a.k.a. ShimokitaのヒップホップDJミックス最新作!! 数々の名作が生まれた80年代後半~90年代初頭のNYのゴールデン・エイジ・ヒップホップ名門レーベルB-BOY、FRESH等の名曲の数々をヴァイナル・ノンストップ・ミックスした話題作『ヴァイナル・メイク・ミー・ファンキー』が完成!! 01 Cold Crush -Cold Crush Brothers 02 B-Boy Document -Krown Rulers 03 Art of Freestyle -Von Love 04 Let's Jam (Instrumental) -DJ M.A.T.E. And The Latin MC's 05 Going Way Back -Just-Ice 06 Bridge Is Over -Boogie Down Productions 07 Criminal Minded -Boogie Down Productions 08 You Can't Break B. Boys -Baby Doll 09 South Bronx -Boogie Down Productions 10 Poetry -Boogie Down Productions 11 Strong Island (Blue Mix) -J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. 12 Mac Nife -Frozen Explosion 13 Let Me Love You -5 Star Moet 14 Kick The Ball -Krown Rulers 15 Bound To Ike -Tuff Crew 16 Damn I'm Good -King Tre 17 Jimbrowski -The Jungle Brothers 18 Jimmy's Bonus Beat -The Jungle Brothers 19 It's Yours (Remix) -T La Rock 20 It's Yours -T La Rock & Jazzy Jay 21 Breakdown -T La Rock 22 Hardcore Hip Hop -Mantronix 23 Ugly People Be Quiet -Cash Money & Marvelous 24 Can't Get Enough -Soul Dimension 25 The Bronx Is Back -Tall, Dark & Handsome 26 Classical (Vocal) -Busy Boys 27 991 Volt's Of Noise (Vocal) -991 Volt's 28 Three Minutes Of Beat Box -T La Rock 29 Back To Burn -T La Rock 30 Free Flow -Just-Ice 31 Back To The Old School -Just-Ice 32 Def Joun -Tuff Crew 33 Soul Food -Tuff Crew 34 Back To The Beat -Todd Terry 35 Just Wanna Dance -Todd Terry 36 Get Retarded (Vocal) -MC EZ & Troup 37 K.G. Dance (Wop) (Instrumental 1. - Dance Version) -Sean Baby & Ninja D 38 Tall, Dark & Handsome -Tall, Dark & Handsome