BUSHMIND / Riding In My Rac vol.01 [MIX CD]
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BUSHMIND / Riding In My Rac vol.01 [MIX CD]

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wackwack 2nd EXIBITION "PLAY EVERYDAY'' にて先行販売されていた、ブッシュマインド最新ミックスが発売決定!! 01.Modular - La Pipa Del Normada 02.Max Greaf - Wider , Git Hub 03.Neon Indian - Dear Skorpio Magazine 04.Howie B. - Kazoo 05.Orlando - Position ( feat. Nemesis ) 06.Thes One - Dance to the Beat 07.Caravan - Love To Love You ( And Tonight Pigs Will Fly ) 08.asuka ando - くすりをたくさん 09.King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Pop In My Step 10.hollAnd - Turpentine 11.Earl Sweatshirt - Ontheway! 12.Todd Rundgren - The Night The Carousel Burned Down 13.nate b. - When I'm with Her. 14.James Blake - I ’ ll Come Too 15.Inara George - A Bridge ( Daedelus Remix ) 16.Pipe-Eye - Act I 17.Javier Segura - La Fiesta 18.Steve Hillage - It's All Too Much 19.Joel Horwitz - Finale From "A Walk Down Serenity Lane" 20.India Bharti - FreedOm 21.Robert Wyatt - Caimanera