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【CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO『BIENAVENTURANZA』REMIX 12inchがリリース決定!!】 - Limited Edition White Vinyl 昨年の4thアルバム『BIENAVENTURANZA』で、その絶対的な存在感をあらためて知らしめた、南米スロウテクノ/エレクトロニカ・シーンの神 CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO 。 デジタルクンビアなど、連綿と続く南米エレクトロニカの世界的隆盛が話題となる中、最新作である『BIENAVENTURANZA』のREMIX 12inch のリリースがこの度ついに入荷。 リミキサーには、徐々に注目を集め始めたスペインの新星 BAICA、永らくシーンを陰から支えるフランスの天才トラックメーカー RAFAEL ARAGON、説明不要 NICOLA CRUZ、そして最新作が大ヒット中の EL BUHO といった鉄壁の布陣。 フロアから解放されるかのように、"踊ることを強要しないダンスミュージック" という一見矛盾する要素を内包する南米スロウテクノであるが、本作はクラブミュージックとしての本質をあらためて問いた作品と言えるだろう。 フォロクローレが持つ無限の霊性感と、神々しき世界観、それをそのままエレクトロニカで体現させたかのような一枚が誕生した。 世界を席巻する一大ムーブメントとなった南米スロウテクノは、新たなステージへ。ラテン鈴木 In 2018, the Argentinean electro-cumbia legend Chancha Via Circuito (Pedro Canale) released Bienaventuranza, an album that capped off a decade-long trajectory that reshaped the musical panorama as we know it. The album maintained the swift-yet-wild balance between analog and digital, the new and the traditional, while crossing new sonic thresholds by way of fresh collaborations and new instrumentation. Released via Wonderwheel Recordings, Bienaventuranza received critical acclaim around the globe - from NPR to the Guardian. On May 17, the world gets a follow-up to Bienaventuranza - a 4-track EP of remixes by some extremely special contributors who shock these tracks into a new existence with their interpretations. First up is a remix of "Alegría" by none other than Nicola Cruz, the acclaimed Ecuadorian artist and producer who the New York Times called one of this year’s Artists To Watch. A longtime collaborator of Chancha’s, his spin on the track adds a hypnotic energy to it, as if peeling back an entire layer of the song. Next up is one of the album’s more melodic tracks - "Ilaló" featuring Mateo Kingman, remixed by Spanish artist Baiuca, who’s quickly gained popularity in Spain for his unique fusions of electronic with traditional Galician music. He puts an up-tempo house-tinged spin on the track, injecting it with a heavy, danceable pulse that compliments its already-winding melody. What follows is "Los Pastores" - the album’s marching opening track. Remixed by Rafael Aragon, the French DJ/producer known to fear no sound, the track takes on an entirely new feeling. With jungle-like hues and intense percussive overlays and drones, Aragon readies the track for the dreamiest dancefloor you’ve ever known. Capping off the EP is a remix of "Barú" by El Búho (aka Robin Perkins), the artist and producer from Northern England known for his subtle integration of nature sounds into serene and captivating electronic compositions. He’s allured global audiences for years with songs that inadvertently tempt listeners into a dreamlike state; his last LP, Balance (also out on Wonderwheel), was one of NPR’s top albums of its year. He’s taken one of the darker, more minimalistic songs on the album and infused it with a rich array of bird songs, winds, and sitars as if to make it the daytime reflection of itself. With the contributions of 4 renowned producers from around the world, the Bienaventuranza Remix EP is a profound and fresh perspective on Chancha’s original album. It’ll help you hear the songs differently, all while inadvertently promising you’ll listen to them a little more closely. A1.Alegría (Nicola Cruz Remix) A2.Ilaló (feat. Mateo Kingman) [Baiuca Remix] B1.Los Pastores (Rafael Aragon Remix) B2.Barú (El Búho Remix)